Ultimate Links

CUPA - Canadian Ultimate Players Association

GAIA - your source for Ulti Gear

Play Ulty - check out the handbook & video

Chasing Plastic - great ulti magazine

PDGA - Disc golf anyone?

Other Local Leagues

VUPS - Victoria Ultimate Players Society

VUL - Vancouver Ultimate League

NUDES - Nanaimo Ultimate Disc Experience Society


Ultimate Frisbee in Cowichan


Ultimate Frisbee is a fun fast-paced game that combines aspects of football & basketball. This spirited non-contact sport is great to watch and even better to play. A casual group of people meets weekly in Duncan to play “pick-up.” A fun group that welcomes newcomers, we meet most Sundays and Tuesday evenings. Have a look at http://cowdisc.wikispaces.com to find out where & when we are meeting (we change fields in summer & winter) and come and join us. Alternatively you can email cowichandisc@gmail.com to reach us.

If you would like to know more about the sport of ultimate, there are several links below: