Zebra Tossing

  • Looking for a sport that begins in "Z"? How about Zebra Tossing?
  • This is a new sports club. Just developing - an idea - a vision.
  • Needed - Strong bodied, Weak Minded Individuals.
  • Willing light weight, Zebra's
  • A location, club house/gym
  • Free medical assistance
  • For more information contact Mike Goodlife @ Knowledge Computers

    We Caution anyone attempting Zebra Tossing. This sport is not to be taken lightly.

    Here we have a testimonial from a sports person & the injuries suffered by same. Thank You Gerry. Your info should help others. Gerry's Testimonial.

    We have another testimonial and warning from another misunderstood sports person. Please read these testimonials and learn from their mistakes. Ziggy's Testimonial

    We encourage other Zebra fans to write in with their experiences.