Making A Basic Bow String

stjg1.jpg (11885 bytes)

Step #1

Set the jig length to the length of the string you want to make.(You will find you will have to add approximately 1/4" to the length)

stjg2.jpg (19295 bytes)

Step #2

Tie the string material to one of the outside posts (For a string with a wrapped eye)

stjg4.jpg (16791 bytes)

Step #3

Wrap the string material around the full length of the jig.

stjg3.jpg (26960 bytes)

Step #4

After the number of wraps needed for the string tie the end off on the opposite post of the arm that you tied the starting wrap on.

stjg5.jpg (32063 bytes)

Step #5

Turn the arm until you have enough room to serve the string. Start the serving anywhere between the posts that is easy for you. To start the serving just wrap over the end of the serving material as you make the eye. .

stjg8.jpg (26879 bytes)

If you want a 2 1/2"  loop serve 5"

stjg9.jpg (18774 bytes)

Step #6

Make the loop (I made a small hook with a spring to make it easy to wrap small eyes) Just continue serving down the string

stjg10.jpg (33158 bytes)stjg6.jpg (11938 bytes)

Step #7

After your end serving is to the length you want hold the serving so it doesn't come loose. Pull about 16" extra of the server and cut it. Make a loop as shown above. With the loose end of the loop material start wrapping on the inside of it towards the serving. These wraps should opposite direction to the serving wraps. Now pull the end under the last wrap of the serving and continue wrapping the end serving, As you wrap this serving the short serving on the inside of the loop is unwrapping.

stjg7.jpg (8835 bytes)

Step #8

When the wraps come together just pull the end tight. Hold tension on the loop as you pull it in so it doesn't tangle or come loose.

stjg12.jpg (22560 bytes)

Step #9

At the other end mark where the other loop should go.

stjg13.jpg (45238 bytes)

Step #10

Turn the arm of the jig so you can wrap between the marks. When you have this serving complete just continue as in Step #6

stjg14.jpg (18274 bytes)


Just go to the point were you want the center serving starting at the top of the string and in the same manner serve and finish the center serving.

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